A Microsoft Touch Cover for iPads could be in the works

Microsoft may have inadvertently revealed the plans for its own iPad Touch Cover.

WinFuture discovered the unannounced iPad Touch Cover in a battery document posted on Microsoft’s Download Center. There isn’t much revealed in the file other than a product registered as the iPad Touch Cover 1719 and the fact that it contains a lithium battery.

That said, with the inclusion of a battery, we can assume Microsoft’s peripheral won’t pull power or communicated to the iPad Pro through its smart connectors. Instead, it seems more likely the Touch Cover will connect over Bluetooth and rely on its own energy reserves.

If the iPad Touch Cover is anything like the Touch Cover for the original Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2, we can expect the peripheral to be even thinner than the iPad’s own Smart Cover.

Rather than a patent, the iPad Touch Cover 1719 registration to the International Civil Aviation Organization and International Air Transport Association suggests the product has gone beyond the planning and development stages.

Assuming it passed its original inspection in April, we might see this cover sooner than later.

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Publicado el 02 de agosto del 2017