Amazon Echo’s push notifications could be a game-changer for the smart speaker

If nothing else, Amazon should be commended for how it has continued to improve its Amazon Echo month after month with a steady stream of useful updates. 

Now a new post on Amazon's developer site has said that Echo devices will soon have the ability to visually show you when they have notifications available. 

They'll do this with a pulsing green light and a chime which you can then respond to in order to hear all of your notifications one after the other. 

A new world of possibilities 

I think this functionality is long overdue for the Echo. The speaker could, for example, light up in the morning if there's travel disruption on your route, rather than relying on you asking how the traffic is every single morning.

Or the speaker could give you a notification if it's going to rain to save you having to constantly ask about the weather. 

We've got some reservations on how notifications will work on a device that's supposed to serve multiple users in a household. How will Amazon prevent my flatmates from being pestered by my news alerts, for example? 

Amazon's multi-user support is still in its infancy, but these are issues that Amazon will need to overcome if its Echo's are to become an integral part of the home, rather than a toy for just one member of the household. 

Via Engadget

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