Apple Watch 2 price may increase because of a more advanced display

Apple Watch 2 price may increase because of a more advanced display

Apple is good at keeping mum about upcoming products – look at our iPhone 7 rumor roundup if you don’t believe us – though a new report has a possible lead on the Apple Watch 2.

Beginning in 2017, Apple is reportedly switching out the OLED screens for its wearable in favor of a Micro-LED panel, according to DigiTimes.

Though the validity of the report is a tad touch-and-go, bolstering the claim is Apple’s acquisition of LuxVue technologies in 2014 – a company that specializes in developing Micro-LED technologies, 9to5Mac points out.

What’s in a display?

Compared to the iPhone’s standard LCD screens, the OLED displays used for the Apple Watch provide crisper contrast, faster refresh rates, lower power consumption, and a thinner size, making them well-suited for small electronics.

Micro-LED displays – though not as common in mass-produced electronics – are a step-up from OLED, offering even better brightness and power efficiency.

However, Micro-LED screens don’t come cheap, meaning upgrading from OLED could potentially improve the Apple Watch 2′s display and battery life at the cost of … well, the cost.

As is the case with any rumors from the Apple orchard, DigiTimes’ report is to be taken with a grain of salt. Personally, we wouldn’t mind if the Apple Watch took the route of the PS Vita and also offered a cheaper model with a lesser-quality screen than its OLED parent.

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