Australian iPhone X pre-orders open tonight

UPDATE: The time to pre-order the brand new iPhone X is almost upon us and, if you're keen on getting your hands on these all-screen wonder any time soon, we recommend getting in quickly as there are reports of very limited stock in the first round of pr-orders.

Pre-orders will go live at 6:01pm this evening (AEDT) and you'll be able to grab them from Apple's online store, although you'll be competing globally for the handset this way, as well as its physical stores. You can also try and pre-order it through a carrier as they will have their own stock, but we suggest being just as fast in order to snag one this way.

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Months of rumours and hype have ended and we now know exactly how hard the iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10) will hit our wallets. This tenth anniversary handset is Apple's priciest, by far, but you can check out our iPhone X hands-on review for more details on its specs to see exactly what your money will be going towards.

Here, we'll let you know how much the iPhone X will cost outright, and predict the cheapest contract you'll likely see based on previous launches. Hold on to your hats though, it's a doozy.

At the moment, you can pre-register your interest at most of the major carriers, but we don't have any official indication of what the plans will look like, price-wise, but we have made an educated estimate further down the page.

Alongside the September 12 announcement of the iPhone X, we've also heard all about the latest entries into Apple's flagship range. The iterative updates of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have landed, in the form of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

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iPhone X price: how much does it cost?

This beast isn't cheap. There are two versions of the massive iPhone X and the smallest of the pair, the 64GB model, will still set you back $1,579. Huge.

The other model has considerably more storage at 256GB, but this will come at hell of a premium. The iPhone X 256GB will cost you $1,829. Even huger.

When can I buy the iPhone X?

You won't be able to grab the new iPhone X as soon as you can the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. You'll have to wait until Friday, November 3rd to get your hands on this bezel-free marvel.

Pre-orders open on Friday, October 27 at 6:01pm so if you're keen on this premium handset then now's a good time to set a reminder. 

Although the iPhone X will be here in time for our Black Friday deals , there's a rather small window of time between the launch and the sales, so we may not see too many savings.

TechRadar predicts the best iPhone X deal

Given the $1,579 starting price of the handset, most people are going to want to pick it up as part of a plan. Like the outright prices, we're expecting the plans to be steeper than the iPhone 7 Plus plans were to start with.

iPhone X | 2GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | $99pm
There's bound to be certain deals with specific carriers and networks on launch, but considering the cheapest current plan for an iPhone 8 Plus 256GB is around the $90pm district, we can't imagine that even the cheapest iPhone X plan will be much under $100. We're hoping this is a conservative estimate, but deep down we're concerned it'll be even more than this. Total cost over 24 months is $2,376

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