Black Friday: The best Black Friday deals 2015: where to find the best US Black Friday deals

Black Friday: The best Black Friday deals 2015: where to find the best US Black Friday deals

Best Black Friday deals in the US 2015

Black Friday has officially arrived, but the Black Friday deals in the US have already been well underway online, with video game console price drops for the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U and the high-definition 4K TVs you play them on.

Want deep discounts on an iPad? Staples is slashing the price of Apple tablets. Want to upgrade your laptop and get Windows? Black Friday computer deals are already announced.

The most popular early deal may be the iPhone 6S, and luckily, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint have rolled out new contracts at Best Buy. Sorry, T-Mobile fans, you’ll just have to sit tight.

Here are all of the Black Friday deals we have compiled before you start shopping online and in stores starting on November 27 through Cyber Monday.

Black Friday: Quick links

Best Black Friday deals

Apple Watch Black Friday discounts do exist. Target is selling the iPhone-compatible smartwatch for normal price, but coupling it with a $100 gift card to Target.

Here’s another, if you’re inclined on snagging Apple’s wearable. Get the Apple Watch Sport 38mm for about 25% off + get a free $50 B&H gift card now $299 at B&H.

The best 4K TV prices are here right now. Get his 49-Inch Sony 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV is 50% off now $798 at Amazon.

iPad deals are hard to find, as Apple typically plays scrooge, but today they’re 20% off at Staples.

The Star Wars BB8 drone, a must-have tech toy, was $149, but discount promo codes “TOYS” and “TGTA39R9″ (yes, use both) it’s $58.99 at Target.

Toshiba C55-C5390 Laptop with Windows 10 is $200 off. That’s a big present at a small $249 at Staples.

Guitar Hero 4 bundle, on all systems including PS4, Xbox One and Wii U, comes with the redesigned guitar controller. It’s rocking out to a rock bottom price of $69 at Amazon.

Fitbit Charge is yesterday’s deal, but it’s still available for the fitness tracker at Amazon for $90.

Canon Rebel T5 EF-S 18-55mm IS II & EF 50mm f/1.8 II Kit may be refurbished, but it remains only $199 via Canon.

Nintendo 2DS is going for a Blue Light Special discount at Walmart for $79.

Wii U 32GB bundle including Splatoon and Super Smash Bros. is at its lowest price ever now $249 at Target. Hey, Wal-Mart has it too!

The new (smaller) Nintendo 3DS bundled with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is $40 off now $179 at Wal-Mart.

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Gaming deals

Leading the Black Friday deals charge among video games consoles is the PlayStation 4, with its sales almost doubling that of Microsoft’s Xbox One. Don’t worry, they’re both still at a decent price, closing in on the bargain bottom line of the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS.

PS4 Black Friday deals

The PS4 500GB Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection bundle is our favorite because it pairs Sony’s Indiana Jones-style games trilogy with the console. It costs just $299 at Amazon.

PS4 1TB bundle with Call of Duty Black Ops 3 doubles the storage of the gaming system and adds Activision’s landmark first-person shooter for a Black Friday discount of $429 at Amazon.

PS4 bundle with Nathan Drake Collection, Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and controller charging station combines the three and adds an accessory extra for $349 at Costco.

PS4 Star Wars: Battlefront bundle includes the new game, plus classics downloads Super Star Wars, Bounty Hunter, Jedi Star Fighter and Racer Revenge, all for $349 at Amazon and $349 at Walmart.

PS4 bundled with The Last of Us Remastered and Call of Duty: Ghosts lets you dual wield with two of last year’s top-selling PlayStation 4 games. Right now, it’s just $399 at Walmart.

The absolute cheapest PS4 Black Friday deal doesn’t come with a game and it’s used, but the price is right at $299 through Best Buy.

Xbox One Black Friday deals

Xbox One 1TB Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition bundle is the best Black Friday deal for fans of the Mast Chief franchise, and costs just $449 at Amazon.

Xbox One Halo: The Master Chief Collection bundle brings last year’s game and the 500GB console together with the best price being just $299 at GameStop.

Want it in white? Xbox One Special Edition White Halo: The Master Chief Collection bundle is sold out, but when it is back in stock will cost $349 at GameStop. Until then it’s $399 at Amazon.

Xbox One 500GB Gears of War: Ultimate Edition bundle in black is even cheaper on Black Friday, with prices currently at $299 through Amazon.

Want it in white (again)? Xbox One 500GB Gears of War Special Edition White bundle is a exclusive that is actually cheaper. Act fast, because its price is $299 only at Walmart.

Xbox One 1TB Madden NFL 16 bundle brings a bargain to the gridiron. Its best Black Friday deal so far make it $489 at Amazon.

Xbox One 1TB FIFA 16 Limited Edition bundle combines the other kind of football, soccer, with Microsoft’s next-gen console. It’s in stock for $349 at Walmart.

Xbox One 1TB Fallout 4 bundle gives you enough internal storage to save and re-save your game that could glitch any moment. Don’t worry, the game is buggy, but fantastic, and costs $399 at Amazon.

Xbox One The LEGO Movie is the console bundle for the kids and the kids at heart. It’s $299 through Amazon.

Xbox One 500GB standalone console does away with the bundles, but clocks in at a cheaper price, one that once matched the name of Halo’s developer. It’s even cheaper at $330 via Amazon.

Xbox One 1TB console bundle with three games includes Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Rare Replay, and Ori the Blind Forest for $349 at Amazon.

Xbox One 500GB bundle with Assassin’s Creed Unity adds the latest game in the Ubisoft franchise and retails for just $359 at Amazon.

Xbox One 1TB Rise of the Tomb Raider bundle is still available, but we could only find it in one store. It’s price is $349 at Best Buy.

The Xbox One Elite bundle combines a 1TB console with the pro-level Xbox One Elite controller. It launches on December 1, but you can pre-order now for $499 at Amazon.

The cheapest Xbox One is at GameStop, which isn’t always known for the best prices. It’s inexpensive because it’s pre-owned. It’s in black for $299 at GameStop and white at $299 – also at GameStop.

Just in case this hot number sells out before Black Friday, there’s another deal for a refurbished, black Xbox One on sale for $299 at Amazon.

Wii U Black Friday deals

Black Friday deals for Nintendo Wii U console bundles are going to be hard to find because they always sell better than expected with families. Here’s what we found so far, before mom and dad snap them up.

Wii U 32GB bundle including Splatoon and Super Smash Bros. (aka the mother of all Wii U bundles) is at its lowest price ever now $249 at Target

Just in case it sells out at Target, you can nab the same Wii U 32GB bundle including Super Smash Bros. and Splatoon at Wal-Mart for the same price of $249.

The Nintendo Wii U bundle Mario Kart 8 Deluxe pairs one of the best Wii U games with the 32GB system, and it’s actually cheaper than buying the system without the game at just $299 at Amazon.

Wii U bundled with Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land is the best Black Friday deal if you want Nintendo’s console and plumber pairing. It’s sold out at Best Buy, so try for $382 at Amazon.

The Wii U bundle with Super Mario Maker gives you control over creating your own 2D levels, and it’s a blast. Best of all, it’s merely $299 at Walmart.

Wii U Skylanders Swap Force bundle is the cheapest Nintendo console with new Skylanders game on Black Friday (so far). Yes, it’s the entry-level white 8GB console, but just $288 at Amazon.

Finding Wii U bundled with Splatoon is no easy task. It’s sold out at Best Buy, but the very underrated Nintendo game is available for $359 at Amazon.

The cheapest Nintendo Wii U Black Friday deal comes with a few caveats. It’s used, or “premium refurbished,” and is the 8GB model. But it’s an incredible $229 at GameStop.

Stepping things up to the Nintendo Wii U 32GB standalone black model, which is also used, brings the price up a bit to a still hard-to-pass-up $259 at GameStop.

Nintendo 3DS Black Friday deals

Nintendo is venturing into the mobile space, but all of its best portable games remain on the 3DS. It’s going to be that way for some time. Here’s the best way to save on the still viable handheld system.

Looking for the recently released regular-sized New Nintendo 3DS? The new (smaller) Nintendo 3DS bundled with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is $40 off now $179 at USA, LLC

The Nintendo New 3DS XL in Red, with the wholly-worth-it C Stick and larger display, is discounted a few dollars to $194 at Amazon.

The Nintendo New 3DS XL in Black is almost as cheap for Black Friday month. It costs $195 through Amazon and even cheaper for $179 at Walmart.

The same Nintendo New 3DS XL with a choice of game is a good deal if you’re getting a game anyway, as it starts at $207 at Walmart.

Save some money with Nintendo 3DS XL in Black or Red without the C stick. It plays all of the same games and costs just $176 on Amazon.

Even cooler is the Nintendo New 3DS XL Hyrule Gold Edition. This exclusive, in stock for now, won’t be available for long due to its cheaper price at $199 only at GameStop.

New 3DS XL Hyrule Gold Edition with Zelda Triforce Heroes bundles one of the best games on the Nintendo 3DS. It’s $239 only at GameStop.

The cheapest Nintendo 3DS XL is the NES Edition Black Friday deal. It’s a hidden gem locked away inside of an old Nintendo controller at $169 at GameStop, thought it’s currently out of stock.

Slightly cheaper is the same Nintendo 3DS XL NES Edition console at the used price of just $99 pre-owned at GameStop.

iPhone & smartphone deals

iPhone and Android phone deals are on a lot of wish lists this Black Friday, and we’re here to help point out the best bargains on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint.

Apple’s iPhone 6S on AT&T moves to the US carrier’s monthly plan, so you don’t have to pay for the phone upfront. It starts at $21.67 a month at Best Buy.

The new iPhone 6S on Verizon is sticking to the usual two-year contract plan through some retailers on Black Friday. That means it starts at $199 and up at Best Buy.

iPhone 6S on Sprint also uses two-year contracts, though it sometimes offers lower monthly payments (which add up to more money over time). Best bet is to go with the just $99 deal at Best Buy.

The iPhone 6S deals are rare. Even Apple’s official store doesn’t give Black Friday discounts on its smartphone because, really, it doesn’t have to. It’s usually out of stock come Christmas, anyway.

iPad & tablet deals

iPad Air 2 is on sale for Black Friday with a $100 discount on the 16GB model, now just $399 at Best Buy, though it’s currently sold out.

iPad Air 2 with the bigger 64GB of storage also saves you $100 this holiday season, now just $499 at Best Buy.

These iPad Air 2 deals aren’t as exciting until you realize that they come with a $150 gift card to Target.

iPad mini 4 with 64GB of storage is the same price as the iPad mini 4 16GB model if you check the awesome price of $399 at Best Buy, though it’s out of stock at the moment.

The iPad mini 4 is smaller, but its Black Friday deal comes with a big gift card worth $100 at Target.

iPad mini 2 is older, but still a compact tablet and is bundled with an $80 gift card from Target.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8-inch is our favorite new Android tablet and it’s $50 off, now just $349 at Staples.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7-inch is an Android tablet and it’s Black Friday deal is even better since it’s $100 off at just $399 at Best Buy.

Microsoft Surface 3 serves up a killer deal now that it is being featured with a $100 discount, bringing the price to $399 at Best Buy.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is way more powerful, but comes in under the thousand dollar mark during Black Friday for $999 at Best Buy.

Amazon Kindle Fire tablets are red hot deals, and selling out fast. That’s because they start at just $34.99 through Amazon.

Laptop & MacBook deals

MacBook Pro 13-inch 8GB of RAM and 256GB storage $150 off just $1,349 at Best Buy.

New MacBook 2015 12-inch 8GB of RAM, 256GB storage and the one we have and love is just $1,149 at Best Buy.

MacBook Air 13-inch display, Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, 256GB of storage now $1,049 at Best Buy.

Dell Inspiron 11.6-inch touchscreen, 8GB of RAM, 128GB internal storage $165 off, now $384.99 at Best Buy.

Dell 2-in-1 laptops are on sale through Amazon with various configurations starting at $304.66.

HP Envy laptop 15.6-inch toushcreen with an Intel Core i5 CPU, 6GB of RAM, 1TB hard drive $200 off now $479 at Best Buy.

HP Envy laptop 15.6-inch toushcreen with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, 1TB internal storage $250 off now $549 at Best Buy, though it’s currently sold out.

HP Spectre laptop 13.3-inch touchscreen, Intel Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage saves you $200 now $969 at Best Buy.

ASUS 15-inch laptops with various configurations on sale throughout Black Friday for steep discounts at Amazon.

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