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Lawsuit filed by 22 state attorneys general seeks to block net neutral...
 A lawsuit filed today by the attorneys general of 22 states seeks to block the Federal Communications Commission’s recent controversial vote to repeal Obama era Net Neutrality regulations. The filing is led by New York State Attorney General Schneiderman, who called rollback a potential “disaster for New York consumers and businesses, and for everyone who cares about a free a...
Publicado el 16 de January del 2018
Inside Telegram’s ambitious $1.2B ICO to create the next Ethereum
 We have even more information about messaging app Telegram’s plans for cashing in on its popularity within the crypto community with the massive ICO for its proposed Telegram Open Network (TON) project (that we first reported), after obtaining the whitepaper and investor prospectuses in full. From the documents, it is clear that Telegram isn’t content with sitting on a platf...
Publicado el 15 de January del 2018
The state of Israel’s cybersecurity market
 The Equifax breach, WannaCry, NotPetya, the NSA leak, and many more cyber incidents – 2017 was certainly a busy year for hackers, illustrating yet again just how vital innovative cybersecurity solutions are in the fight against cyber threats. Second only to the U.S., in terms of cybersecurity investment 2017 was another excellent year for Israeli cybersecurity startups, with dozens...
Publicado el 14 de January del 2018
The secret to avoiding CES cynicism is never really going
 I’ve been going to CES for almost ten years now, and it amazes me that really, nothing has changed. The same people are saying the same things on the same stages, selling the same people the same junk with… well, slightly different numbers attached. But this year I had a great time and found some amazing companies — because I avoided at all costs actually stepping foot ...
Publicado el 13 de January del 2018
Russian hackers are targeting U.S. Senate email accounts
 According to a new report, the same group that hacked the Democratic National Committee actively targeted the U.S. Senate through the latter half of 2017. The revelation comes out of a new report from Trend Micro, a Japanese firm that has revealed similar phishing schemes taking aim at foreign governments in the past. As the security report details, the activity began in June 2017 and at...
Publicado el 12 de January del 2018
Peak Design’s Everyday Backpack was my surprise hit of CES 2018
 Peak Design announced its line of bags on Kickstarter in 2016. It’s my favorite thing at CES 2018. The project raised $6.5 million on Kickstarter and now the company has a full product line designed for photographers and bloggers and people who just like nice things. That’s me. To be clear this is not a new bag. The bag has been out for a bit but I purchased Peak Design’...
Publicado el 11 de January del 2018
Inspired by insect ears, Soundskrit wants to make microphones magicall...
 Voice control is everywhere these days, but to hear people effectively from every direction, devices like the Echo need to have a whole collection of microphones in them — but they take up space, require extra processing power, and restrict industrial design. Soundskrit aims to replace those many mics with a single one that can clearly hear and separate sound from multiple sources ...
Publicado el 10 de January del 2018
Toyota will offer Alexa in its cars starting later this year
 Toyota announced at CES this year that the carmaker will be offering support for Amazon Alexa within its vehicles – no additional hardware required. There’s a lot of third-party devices out there that are putting Alexa on your dashboard as an aftermarket add-on, but Toyota is one of the first automakers to fully embrace loading their vehicles up with Amazon’s voice-pow...
Publicado el 09 de January del 2018
Samsung CES 2018 Liveblog
 Samsung is one of the tentpoles that holds up CES. Every year the company has one of the largest offerings at the show and 2018 will not be different. Samsung’s press conference is always a good time if you’re watching from afar. It’s a mess of people in person, with too many people jammed into a tiny conference hall. It’s too hot, it’s smelly and yet itR...
Publicado el 08 de January del 2018
More long term greed… Tim O’Reilly’s recipe for a successful 201...
 Silicon Valley’s problem, says Tim O’Reilly, is actually a structural problem with our entire economy. What’s gone wrong, O’Reilly argues, is that what he calls “short-term greed” has replaced the traditional “long-term greed” of the market. Read More ...
Publicado el 07 de January del 2018
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