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If you’re not already familiar with Thunderbird, we bet you know about its sibling: it’s part of the same project that created the Firefox web browser, and Thunderbird uses Firefox to render content.

But where Firefox is all about websites, Thunderbird is all about email and newsgroups. It’s overkill for the occasional Gmail or user, but it’s a really useful tool for anybody whose email inbox feels like a never-ending avalanche.

Why you need it

Not everybody is happy with plain old webmail, especially if they’re dealing with huge numbers of incoming messages or want to be able to access their email archive when they can’t get an internet connection.

Thunderbird is designed for those more demanding users, and it’s packed with features including rules-based mail filtering, a tabbed interface, reminders if you forget to attach a file you mention in a mail, support for all kinds of plugins to add new features and both encryption and digital signatures.

It works across multiple accounts and also enables you to pull content from RSS feeds, which are published by stacks of websites and blogs. It may look a little dated but it’s an exceptionally flexible and powerful email organiser.

Download here: Thunderbird

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