Facebook rolls out a dedicated Safety Check page

Facebook's Safety Check system is expanding, with the social media giant adding an entire page dedicated to its system for letting friends and family know you're okay after a major crisis.

Rolling out to users over the coming weeks starting today, the dedicated Safety Check page allows users to check in emergencies, disasters and conflicts worldwide — giving them a chance to learn what's going on, know who's marked safe and find out about relief efforts, if needed.

Previously, Safety Check only activated broadly to users in a given location, sometimes causing undue alarm by asking individuals to mark themselves safe in a situation where they were not at risk — such as a major fire in someone's hometown that only affected a single city block, for example.

While not a prevalent part of Facebook's News Feed, users can find the new Safety Check page in the settings tab near options for other occasionally used features like Pages, Events, and Groups. 

Though a shame that Facebook finds events like accidents, terrorism and natural disasters common enough to warrant its own tab, the new Safety Check should still hopefully offer users a chance to give their loved ones peace of mind while cutting down on unneeded worry.

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Publicado el 21 de agosto del 2017