Google’s drastic Gmail redesign could come to browsers too

Google's drastic Gmail redesign could come to browsers too

The new features that Google was caught testing in its mobile Gmail client at the beginning of April could wind up in the browser version too.

Google is reportedly testing adding the same features, which add up to a pretty drastic redesign, to its web-based Gmail client, according to

The site was able to take some screenshots of the redesign, comparing it to the new mobile features that were spotted last month.

This redesign could unify the Gmail experience across multiple devices, something it would likely benefit from.

Gmail browser redesign test

Desperate measures

The collapsible left-side interface previously used has been replaced by a drop-down that disappears when it’s not in use. That takes away a lot of the clutter and gives the whole interface more breathing room everywhere on the screen.

Stars have been replaced by pins, which can be filtered to the top of your inbox or left in chronological order at the press of a button.

And on the right side, in addition to the collapsible Hangouts interface, is what Geek calls a to-do list that can hold message drafts, reminders and more.

And these examples just scratch the surface of all the changes that could be coming to Gmail.

As the site says, there’s no guarantee that this redesign with roll out exactly as it’s being tested, or that it will roll out at all. Google is not oblivious to the internet’s hatred of change, after all.

But if Google did redesign Gmail so drastically, would it really be a bad thing?

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