IN DEPTH: Price breakdown: How much every Apple Watch will cost

IN DEPTH: Price breakdown: How much every Apple Watch will cost

Price breakdown: How much every Apple Watch

Apple Watch price

We had a feeling that "starting at $349" meant that the Apple Watch wasn’t going to be cheap, and that was confirmed at the iPhone-tailored smartwatch’s launch event today.

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed how much each Apple Watch will cost along with the pre-order date and release date information, both set for next month.

Of course, with 38 watch designs in all, it can be a bit confusing to remember which watch cost how much. And you only have until April to decide.

That’s why in addition to taking explaining each design, we broke down the Apple Watch price, from the $350 (£299, AU$499) Sport Edition to the $17,000 (£13,500, AU$24,000) gold Apple Watch Edition.

Apple Watch Sport with Sport Band

Lots of colors for the entry-level price

The entry-level Apple Watch is the Sport model with a aluminum case, Ion-X glass over the display and and rubber-like fluoroelastomer band.

It costs $349 (£299, AU$499) for the 38mm size (measured by height), while it’s a little more at $399 (£339, AU$579) the 42mm size. There are five colors and, with the two sizes, ten models to chose from.

Buying the Sport Band alone costs $49 (£39, AU$79), according to the Apple Store, just in case you want to switch colors or opted for a leather strap and want to retreat to this waterproof band.

Colors include white, blue, green and pink for the bands with a silver casing. There’s also one almost-all-black version; it’s black band and a unique space gray casing.

Apple Watch with Sport Band

Yes, this one IS different, and the price reflects that

The stainless steel Apple Watch, in its "cheapest" form, also comes with a gym-friendly fluoroelastomer Sport Band.

It costs $549 (£479, AU$799) for the 38mm size and $599 (£519, AU$879) for the 42mm size, a higher price because it replaces aluminum with stainless steel and adds sapphire glass.

Since the Sport Band itself is no different, other colors can be had for the same $49 (£39, AU$79) price as the previous Sport Band.

Colors with this Apple Watch out-of-the-box, however, are limited to white and black bands, and both models feature a silver stainless steel case.

Apple Watch with Classic Buckle

Apple Watch price

The Apple Watch with a no-frills Classic Buckle doesn’t come cheap, even though it has a stainless steel closure that’s as simple as can be.

It costs $649 (£559, AU$949) for the 38mm size and $699 (£599, AU$1029) for the 42mm size on account of its leather build. Apple proclaims it has been milled in a famous tannery in the Netherlands.

Apart from the watch, the Classic Buckle is going to be sold through the Apple Store for $149 (£129, AU$229).

In the words of Henry Ford, you can have any color you want, as long as it’s black. Again, a no-frills option from end to end.

Apple Watch with Milanese Loop

Apple Watch price

The Milanese Loop really classes up the Apple Watch with a woven smooth stainless steel mesh and a magnetic, infinitely adjustable clasp.

It costs $649 (£559, AU$949) for the 38mm size and $699 (£599, AU$1,029) for the 42mm, matching the price of the classic buckle, but beating it on style.

Separately, the Milanese Loop costs $149 (£129, AU$229). It may be a good down-the-road purchase for date nights if you initially end up with the Sport Band out-of-the-box.

It comes in one color too, silver stainless steel, which matches the glossy silver Apple Watch case.

Apple Watch with Leather Loop

Apple Watch price

The Leather Loop for where the Apple Watch gets bolder with new colors, but even pricier. It not only has leather milled in Italy, but magnets hidden in its leather loop.

Apple is asking for $700 (£559, AU$1,029) for the watch case and Leather Loop that, so far, is only being made available with the 42mm watch size.

It does, however, come in medium and large lengths and is sold separately for $149 (£129, AU$229), so it should fit the wrist of anyone who is willing to don the larger Apple Watch at launch.

Colors consist of stone, light brown, bright blue and black.

Apple Watch with Modern Buckle

Apple Watch price

Being modern is what Apple Watch is all about, so this top-grain leather band comes together with a two-piece magnetic closure that looks like one solid buckle.

At $749 (£649, AU$1,099), you may be modern, but this watch and band may cost you your paycheck and future paychecks. It only comes with the smaller 38mm stainless steel case.

It’s also expensive apart from the watch, with a band-only price of $249 (£209, AU$379), making it the most expensive leather band available separately.

Colors are soft pink, brown, midnight blue and black, each with a stainless steel clasp that matches the Apple Watch casing.

Apple Watch with Link Bracelet

Apple Watch price

How much for that all-metal Link Bracelet, you ask? A lot because it has more than 100 components in the band alone.

It’s $949 (£819, AU$1,399) for the 38mm size and $999 (£859, AU$1,479) for the 42mm size. Apple says that it takes nearly nine hours to cut the links for a single strap. Maybe Foxconn isn’t making this one.

The Link Bracelet in space gray black stainless steel brings the price to $1,049 (£899, AU$1,549) and $1,099 (about £949, AU$1,629) for the two sizes.

The Link Bracelet alone in silver stainless steel costs $449 (about £379, AU$679), which is more money than the entry-level Apple Watch Sport with the rubber Sport Band.

It comes in two colors with the Apple Watch, stainless steel and space black stainless steel, though only the normal stainless steel version is available as a separate band so far.

Apple Watch Edition (low-end)

Apple Watch price

Is money no object? Than you may be one of the few willing to flaunt the limited-edition Apple Watch Edition that is made of 18-karat gold. It comes in eight extravagantly priced models.

The "cheapest" are the 38mm Apple Watch Editions with an rose gold case and White Sport Band, and the yellow gold case with a Black Sport Band at $10,000 (£8,000, AU$14,000).

The 42mm equivalents of these two color configurations are $12,000 (£9,500 AU$17,000). Yes, adding just four extra millimeters increases the price by that much.

Apple Watch Edition (high-end)

Apple Watch price

Apple Watch Edition doesn’t stop there, however. At $15,000 (£12,000, AU$21,000) is the 42mm yellow gold case with a Black Classic Buckle and 42mm yellow gold case with a Midnight Blue Classic Buckle.

There’s no 38mm. It’s go big or go home (to your mansion). Instead, if you want something smaller, you’ll have to opt for the more expensive Modern Buckle at that size, and it breaks the bank even more.

At an unbelievable $17,000 (£13,500, AU$24,000) is the 18-karat rose gold case and rose gray modern buckle, and the same case with a bright red modern buckle. Its Apple extravagance at its peak.

For good reason, none of the Apple Watch Edition bands are available separately in the Apple Store and, word is, they may be locked up in a safe every night.

Apple Watch accessory: Magnetic Charger price

Apple Watch price

The Apple Watch comes with a magnetic charger, but if you want an extra one, the Apple Store is already listing it as an April 10 pre-order item.

The accessory comes in two sizes, much like the many watch configurations. There’s a 1m version for $29 (£25, AU$45) and a longer 2m version for $39 (£29, AU$59).

Having an extra one around (or two) isn’t a bad idea for a backpack, the office, your car or a loved one’s residence. After all, that 18 hours means Apple Watch needs to charge nightly, no matter where you end up up at night.

Apple Watch requirement: Newer iPhone

Apple Watch price

Apple Watch won’t work without a newer iPhone, and Apple states this one its website on just about every page. Some people, regardless, are still going to complain on day one.

This may add to your end price, as the smartwatch requires the iPhone 5 or later, meaning the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are all good to go on launch day.

This makes a lot of sense. These are the same strict requirements of the company’s ongoing Apple CarPlay project, which we should see more of at WWDC 2015.

Needless to say, the next iPhone 6S, expected in September, will work with the Apple Watch and may even support new features.

Apple Watch requirement: iOS 8.2

Apple Watch price

Also a requirement of the Apple Watch is iOS 8.2. It’s only compatible with the new update that launched the same time Tim Cook announced the smartwatch price.

Apple’s smartwatch requires a container app to function and manage settings and watch apps. This is the same setup used by Android Wear watches and the forthcoming Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel.

The good news is that this iOS 8.2 update is free of charge and available right now. It won’t cost you any extra and there’s no nagging wait.

Apple Watch pricing wrap-up

Apple Watch price

Apple Watch, depending on the configuration, is the company’s most pricey gadget. That’s why I am opting for the cheapest variant.

My choice, the Apple Watch Sport, has a duller aluminum finish and a rubber-like band, but it starts at $349 (£299, AU$499). And, I can add to the bands from there, say, if I one day buy the slick-looking Milanese Loop.

More than anything, though, I know that the Apple Watch that I receive on the April 24 release date is going to be dated soon.

Apple may not introduce the Apple Watch 2 in a few months (it’s not Samsung) or even a year, but eventually it’ll upgrade its smartwatch and I’ll be glad I bought the cheapest one.

More Apple Watch coverage

Apple Watch price

There’s a lot more to explore as we prepare for the Apple Watch launch. We have already tested with the Apple Watch in a an updated hands on review.

We also dove deeper into the Apple Watch design, taking a look at each collection, the build quality and the watch faces.

On the same day that Apple Watch pre-orders begin, Apple plans to start selling its new MacBook 2015 with an even thinner and lighter design and a 12-inch display.

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