Is Samsung’s own jury still out on the Galaxy S6′s curved screen?

Is Samsung's own jury still out on the Galaxy S6's curved screen?

Rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S6 – or at least one variant of it – will have a curved screen have persisted for months, and sources seem to go back and forth.

Apparently that may be because Samsung itself has not yet decided what form its next flagship will ultimately take.

The company is still testing multiple prototypes of the Galaxy S6, an alleged Samsung employee said on Reddit (before deleting his or her comments).

The individual, who was reportedly confirmed by Reddit moderators to be an employee of Samsung, corroborated past reports that the S6 – codenamed "Project Zero" – will be a fresh start for Samsung, but there’s more to it than that.

Rapid changes

According to this source Samsung is still testing three variants of the Galaxy S6: a phone with one edge of its screen curved, one with both edges curved, and one with a more normal, flat display.

That’s where rumors of the Galaxy S6 Edge likely stem from, though Samsung has apparently still not decided whether or how it will release these different possible models.

With all this in mind, "Samsung prototypes a lot and things change extremely rapidly," the leakster said.

Still no word on whether the Samsung Galaxy S6 will feature Qualcomm’s reportedly beleaguered Snapdragon 810 or Samsung’s own Exynos chipset, but according to this source we’ll know by April 2015.

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