LG G7 ThinQ could have a new audio accessory you probably wouldn’t expect

If you are an LG lover and have bought the G7 ThinQ (or are thinking about it) then you know the audio is impressive. LG is improving this feature even more so with an insane box which is going to be released with the G7.

AndroidHeadlines has leaked two images of the new accessory but – if this turns out to be real – we don’t know when it will be released. However, the approaching launch of the LG’s latest flagship phone suggests the branded Boombox Sound Booster will be coming to us pretty close to the launch. 

LG owners in the US will be excited to know shipments for the compatible phone will begin June 1, for $750. Buyers in the UK will have already received their LG G7 ThinQ’s as of May 31.

Even better audio quality

The phone itself emulates a resonance sound chamber (transferring a sound source to the air) with its physical form enhancing the audio volume. LG is taking this further with the G7 ThinQ Amplifier, which is designed to passively – without any power – improve the audio from your phone hugely. The air pressure generated from the phone will combine with the box to give some really meaty bass. 

If this seems a little niche then, well, it rather is – it looks like it’s only for the LG G7 ThinQ and is designed to really highlight the audio quality, a key feature of the handset. 

That means that if you’re using an HTC U12 Plus or Samsung Galaxy S9 – both phones with decent audio performance – the Boombox Sound Booster will not work as successfully, with AndroidHeadlines suggesting “this box has been specifically tailored to maximize those effects based on the G7 ThinQ’s unique size and shape, as the box itself is relative to the body of the handset”. 

The price of this accessory is still unclear but as it is really just a box, we can’t imagine it to be excessive. On the other hand, the amplifier is branded so be prepared for something slightly over-priced.

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