OnePlus One is now permanently cheaper

OnePlus One is now permanently cheaper

Last week OnePlus failed to announce the OnePlus 2, instead revealing a week-long discount to its ageing One smartphone.

It initially said the discount would only apply from June 1-7, but the Chinese firm has now confirmed it will be kept at the new price indefinitely.

That means you can pick up the 16GB OnePlus One for just $249, $179, while the 64GB handset is now an attractive $299/£219.

When will the box drop?

OnePlus has also partnered with Dropbox to offer a special bundle which gives you a one-year Dropbox Pro subscription and the 64GB OnePlus One for $349 (we’re awaiting a UK price).

This bundle will be available from June 10 to those in the US, Canada and the UK, but OnePlus says it’s a limited time offer.

Of course you may want to hold off and wait for the OnePlus 2 to launch, which we hope isn’t too far away now.

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