Prototype moon buggy saved from junkyard goes to auction

The prototype moon buggy is shown here being piloted by Wehrner von Braun, the vehicle is ...

When the Apollo 15 mission landed on the moon in July 1971, it took with it the first ever vehicle to be driven by humans on another world; the lunar roving vehicle (LRV). In the long and complex history prior to that event, however, NASA commissioned the construction of a range of test vehicles for the Apollo program, many of which were eventually scrapped once their experimental use was concluded. One such vehicle – a mid-1960s LRV prototype – ended up in the hands of a junkyard dealer who decided not to break it down for scrap but, instead, held on to it for some years. “Rediscovered” late in 2015, the long-lost prototype is now headed for auction where it is expected to fetch at least US$125,000.

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