The best OnePlus 5 deals: pre-order prices and availability in June 2017

OnePlus is the company that challenges the received wisdom that there are no phones worth looking at outside of the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Its new arrival – the much anticipated OnePlus 5 – is now available to order and we can tell you how to get the best deals if you want to snap one up straight away.

O2 has secured the exclusive distribution, with pre-orders now open ahead of the handset's official June 27 release date. And if you can't bear to wait around, carry on reading to see where you can grab a OnePlus 5 straight away.

The OnePlus 5 is looking to be one of the best Android phones on the market, with its pair of 16Mp cameras, 6GB Ram and generous onboard storage. Read more about the OnePlus 5 here, or continue the hunt for your perfect handset with our mobile phone deals guide.

Where can I buy the OnePlus 5?

Considering how much buzz there's been around the OnePlus 5 from well before the turn of the year, we think they're going to be pretty hard to get hold of at the outset. Especially when you consider that OnePlus is going to be selling the first batch on its own website. After that, it's O2 or nothing if you want to secure the OnePlus 5 on contract.

OnePlus 5 | SIM free handset | 64GB for £449/128GB for £499
For the first few days after the OnePlus 5 launch, the only place you'll be able to find this phone is from OnePlus itself. Head to and cross your fingers that there's one in stock. The price is a Galaxy S8-smashing £449 for the 64GB model – almost £250 less than the Samsung flagship's RRP.

Need a SIM to pop in your brand spanking new OnePlus 5? We've got you covered. Pick out the plan for you – with prices starting at a mere £4 a month -
 over at our best SIM only deals page.

OnePlus 5 | O2 exclusive on contract | From £9.99 upfront | From 500GB data | From £36 per month
O2 has managed to bag exclusive rights to sell the new OnePlus 5 on contract. The price it's offering is a little more expensive than we were hoping for – it's much cheaper to go SIM free at launch. Click the link below to see all the tariffs available. If you order now, you can get the phone This Thursday June 22. 

View all OnePlus 5 pre-order deals on O2

There's no doubt about it, the OnePlus 5 immediately becomes one of the very best Android phones on the market. If you choose your mobiles based on the quality of the camera, then the incredible dual-lens snapper will float your boat. 

The design and performance is every bit as good as the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8, and yet the price is far lower. If you're one of the throng that have been eagerly waiting for this phone's release, we very much doubt you'll be disappointed.

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