The best Walmart Cyber Monday deals 2017

Walmart's Cyber Monday deals for 2017 are only weeks away. They land the Monday following Black Friday. With the growing popularity of the online shopping holiday, Walmart’s Cyber Monday could offer some of the biggest deals around.

While Black Friday and the week leading up to it will offer plenty of deals, Cyber Monday has been growing into the bigger shopping day, and it serves as one of the best and final chances to land a load of discounts before the winter holidays. Thanks to the online nature of Cyber Monday, finding great discounts and getting products doesn’t involve any fist fights over the last item on the shelf.

Walmart carries all sorts products, from TVs and computers to game consoles and spare tires. We’ll be keeping a close eye on all the deals leading up to Cyber Monday and on the day itself, so you can get your hands on an Xbox One X or a new smartphone at the best price possible.

Expect the latest video game titles like Call of Duty WW2 and Destiny 2 to come with awesome discounts or for free in console bundles. Upgrading to a new 4K TV will also be extra affordable when Cyber Monday 2017 comes around.

Here's what we expect to see on sale for Walmart Cyber Monday 2017, including some items currently on sale as a good preview of what's to come.

Cyber Monday deals quick link

Early Walmart deals and Cyber Monday ad leaks

The Cyber Monday date is on November 27, which is the last Monday in 2017. Right before that day, we expect to see Walmart Cyber Monday ads leak. This means we'll see what's going to be on sale ahead of time.

Until the Walmart ad leaks, we have a bunch of items on sale today (below), and they're all likely to be even cheaper come Cyber Monday. It's usually how the holiday shopping process works.

Google Chromebooks start at $149 Chromebook discounts have grown with the popularity of Google's back-to-basics laptop. It's a real threat to Windows 10 laptops with prices falling anywhere from $149 to $250 on discount.

Dell Desktop Computers at $457 give you enough power in a clean all-in-one design that used to cost a fortune. It's close to dropping into the Under $400 category, and it's a safe bet Walmart's Cyber Monday deals will take it there.

50-inch Philips HDTV for $378 is a big-screen television that gives you a 1080p resolution without falling for 4KTV prices. Walmart will have those too for Black Friday, but this deal is is still plenty affordable right now.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 starting at $749 is now the last-generation Surface 2-in-1, but has long been one of our favorites – made even more excellent by this deal.

Expected Walmart Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday is going to feature the above deals at even better prices, as well as new deals not yet seen below. At least those are our advance Cyber Monday Walmart predictions.

PS4 and Xbox One Cyber Monday deals: Sony and Microsoft wage a consumer-benefiting battle to price drop their respective home consoles during the online shopping period, and we could see another $50 off the systems in addition to multiple free games included.

Google Home deals: Walmart sells Google Home and it made it even cheaper during Cyber Monday last year by reducing the price by $30. The best part is it seems Walmart carries this out of spite for Amazon Echo from its chief rival.

4KTV deals during Cyber Monday: You can't go wrong with buying a 4KTV on discount, and Walmart is going to be a major retailer that price drops televisions this upcoming holiday. It's going to be a must-have if you're stuck in 1080p.

Walmart drones deals for Cyber Monday 2017: Drones with HD camera will be just as popular this holiday season as they were last year, and we hope to see another DJI Phantom that was over $1,000 and went down to $447.

More Walmart Cyber Monday deals to come

Cyber Monday is the semi-relaxed online shopping day where you don't have to go in to Walmart in order to find the very best deals. That's a relief to everyone who wants to avoid 'The people of Walmart.'

These deals listed are just a preview of what's likely to come from the No. 1 retailer in the US. It may be known for its stores, but the website is what's popular come Cyber Monday every year.

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