Xbox head reiterates that there’s no handheld Xbox in the works

Xbox head reiterates that there's no handheld Xbox in the works

With the Xbox One out, Microsoft’s game development teams are all hard at work, with long lists of projects they’d like to tackle, the new Head of Xbox Phil Spencer told fans on Twitter this week.

But a handheld Xbox console, "Xbox Surface" or other Microsoft handheld gaming system is not on those lists, he said.

Spencer had a lengthy and candid conversation with Twitter users, who asked about everything from E3 to the upcoming slate of Xbox original TV content.

But "I don’t think we’ll do a dedicated handheld gaming device," he admitted.

It can’t all be bad news

Spencer added that for now Microsoft’s mobile gaming efforts are focused on Windows Phone 8 and tablets like the Surface, even bringing up the long-rumored possibility that Microsoft mobile devices might eventually work with Xbox controllers.

Interestingly this is pretty consistent with what Microsoft has been saying for years; back in 2011 the company said Windows Phone 7 was its focus when it came to portable gaming.

Spencer also touched on some other topics that are no doubt of interest to Xbox fans. For example he said Microsoft is not against publishing third-party games, but for the moment is focused on "opportunities with IP we own that we’ve neglected."

No word as to what "neglected" franchises he might be referring to, but in another tweet he said Microsoft will "announce both new IP and new sequels at E3," as well as "some new studios we are working with."

All eyes on E3

Meanwhile he provided answers to some more specific questions, including queries about the upcoming Xbox One version of Minecraft and external hard drive support for the new console.

He said they’re "getting closer" to the former, and suggested that the latter will arrive in a monthly update to the Xbox One soon.

The bottom line is that Microsoft might have a very interesting E3 planned for June.

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