You’re going to have to wait a little longer for your OnePlus 2

You're going to have to wait a little longer for your OnePlus 2

After the runaway success of the OnePlus One, anticipation is understandably high for its follow-up, and company co-founder Carl Pei has revealed a few more details about when we can expect to see the next OnePlus flagship phone.

Speaking to AusDroid at Google I/O, Pei confirmed that the device is called the OnePlus 2 and not the OnePlus Two. Adjust your web searches and/or birthday wish lists accordingly.

He also said the device would launch during Q3 2015 – which means July, August or September. OnePlus has a special event tomorrow but that’s "not a new device" in the words of Pei.

The waiting game

Apologies if you’d got yourself worked up in anticipation of tomorrow’s event, but it sounds like you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. As for exactly what we’ll hear about tomorrow, Pei didn’t elaborate.

Pei did confirm that the OnePlus 2 will use the same invite system as the OnePlus One, but that there’ll be a lot more invites to go around. The Chinese firm is "a lot more confident" this time, he said.

The OnePlus boss also revealed that the new phone would carry OxygenOS in western markets and a new HydrogenOS variant in Asia. An Australian launch isn’t planned in the near future, but he didn’t rule it out completely.

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