How to watch the Patriots vs Steelers game online

How to watch the Patriots vs Steelers game online

Want to live stream the Patriots vs Steelers, huh? Don’t worry. Like a wide receiver running into triple coverage, we’ve got you covered.

The NFL 2015-16 season officially kicks off Thursday, September 10 on NBC with the New England Patriots facing down the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Patriot’s home field at Gillette Stadium near Boston, Massachusetts.

The teams will take the field at 8:30 pm EST / 5:30 pm PST and will play until either one team wins or the judge overturns the decision on Brady’s suspension. But, in all seriousness, it should be a great game to watch.

So how can you watch it? I’m glad you asked.

watch patriots vs steelers 2015 news

The first draft pick: NBC Sports Live Extra

The road to Super Bowl 50 starts tonight, and the the place with the best seats in the virtual house is NBC Sports Live Extra. If you’re watching via desktop or laptop just head over to the site, enter in your cable information and start waving your Terrible Towel.

Tablet owners have it a bit harder as they’ve got to download the Live Sports Extra app from either the iOS or Google Play stores. Log in to the app on Thursday night and you, my friend, are ready for some football. It’s that simple.

The second string: Verizon NFL Mobile App

If you’re a Verizon subscriber, your best bet for football tonight with a TV is on Verizon’s NFL Mobile App. The app is available on iOS, Android and Windows phones, however it does require you to upgrade to the cell phone company’s signature "More Everything" plan.

The plan, for the most part, isn’t costly ($45 a month for individuals and family plans for $140 a month), but unless you’re the biggest fan of football in the world, upgrading your plan just to watch the game seems a little silly.

watch patriots vs steelers 2015 news

Die-hard fans only: NFL Game Pass

Game Pass is the créme de la créme of NFL apps. With it you can watch every game during the regular season in HD alongside live up-to-the-minute fantasy stats and extended highlights after you’ve watched your team march their way to victory.

Best of all, though, NFL Game Pass has about a dozen different apps on your favorite devices including the Apple TV, Xbox One and Xbox 360. (Check out our hands on impressions!)

This level of access won’t come cheap, however. Expect to shell out $99 per season.

That’s it. Grab a bowl of chips, a couple of ales and enjoy the game.

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